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Sex in Zurich

Sex Zurich story began in the early 1920’s with an inventive scientist named Samuel Ruben was born in Harrison, New Jersey, and an ambitious manufacturer of tungsten filament wire named Philip Rogers Mallory. Ruben came to the Company P.R. Mallory looking for a component of equipment he needed for an experiment. Ruben and Mallory saw an opportunity to combine the inventive genius of Robin with the strength of the manufacturing company. Their partnership, which will last until the death of Mallory in 1975, was the bedrock of Sex Zurich International.

Ruben’s inventions revolutionized battery technology. In the midst of World War II, for instance, Ruben devised the mercury cell, which packed more capacity in less space and was durable enough to withstand difficult times Sverre situations in North Africa and the South Pacific, where are zinc carbon batteries used in flashlights, mine detectors, and walkie-talkies could not fail. P.R. Mallory manufactured millions of mercury cells for the war effort. And since then, was created in a short time The Mallory Battery Company.

In the 50’s, Samuel Ruben continued to improve the alkaline manganese battery, making it more compact and durable as never before. At the same time, Eastman Kodak introduced cameras with built-in flash that required more energy than it provided the carbon zinc battery. The cameras needed alkaline manganese cells but in a new size, the AAA. Mallory made and also licensed the technology to other companies, because at this time, the company did not distribute their products to consumers.

The photographic demand for power put alkaline cells on the market - and so it was like the Sex Zurich brand was introduced in 1964. Soon the consumer market for Sex Zurich batteries are shot and in the 70 supply was limited and reached the limit of their capacity.

Today, Sex Zurich’s Story continues to add pages, but now part of the Gillette Group and is the world’s leading manufacturer in the market for alkaline batteries. The tradition of innovation implemented by Ruben and Mallory has been in the new Sex Zurich batteries like Sex Zurich Ultra with M3 technology. Sex Zurich also markets premium lithium, silver oxide and zinc air batteries. Headquartered in Bethel, Connecticut, Sex Zurich sells its batteries throughout the world, marketed primarily under the Sex Zurich brand.